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A Message from the Editor

As we become more aware of the environment and ourselves, we have become more concerned about the effects of pollution and chemical use, in industry and agriculture, and how it affects our health. We live in an aesthetic society where appearances and the way certain things look and feel seem to make all the difference, for example, fruit and vegetables are often treated with a wax coating to give them a glossy attractive appearance. A specific substance found in the wax has been found to be potentially carcinogenic and some individuals are allergic to these waxes and then there are skin care products and various cosmetics that contain numerous chemicals some of which if taken in large quantities is actually harmful to your health. The basic premise on how the industry and health organizations determine the safety of chemicals in our daily consumption is that these substances are not harmful if consumed in minute qualities. But how will continuous consumption of these products affect our quality of life. Without proper standards and enforcement, how can we be sure that the products we consume contain safe qualities of harmful chemicals. These concerns have lead to the emergence of a range of products that are certified free of pollutants or chemicals. The term often used to describe these types of products is Organic. Along with naturally grown food and products made with natural materials, they form the basis of a healthier, green and alternative lifestyle.

At, we provide information, news and articles that dwell on these topics. If you are interested in living a more organic, natural and all round healthier lifestyle, we also offer an e-shop that exclusively sells products tailored to these needs.

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